Chasing the Good.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve done a few virtual runs – dedicating my personal run towards a cause, a charity or a person.  They have some pro’s and con’s, but I like the motivation to get out and put the blood, sweat and tears towards something.  Typically my run is the blue screen of death for the oft-crazed voice in my head . I completely zone out to the tune of’, but sometimes it’s a nice place to have a focus and use the space to reflect, think, plan, meditate, etc. and CHASE. THE. GOOD.

A few weeks back, I dedicated a long Saturday run to Gabby and helped to raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Originally Heather, had organized a group of local bloggers to meet up to picnic and run, but when SoCal served us an 85 degree weekend in January we bailed and quickly reverted to plan b. do it like you know it. Your time, Your turf, Your rules. But Do It.

So I got up early to beat the heat and did my thing hitting my second 20 miler training run – this time dedicated to Gabby and PCRF.  I went without my iPod and as I logged the miles, I tried to stay present in my thoughts, thinking about Heather, her family and all of the other families out there struggling with a child that has been unjustly diagnosed with Cancer at such a young age. Making matters worse, children don’t have access to early and new treatment options. Cancer is a sick and twisted disease and it touches each of our lives directly and indirectly each and every day.  As I began to fatigue about 3/4 of the way in, I reminded myself that Gabby and PCRF were bigger-than-my-body and for all the suffering that this girl has gone through, she’s been her smiley, charming, beautiful self to all of the Dr’s and Nurses along the way.

So I put a HUGE grin on and chased the miles down for Gabby.

Last weekend, I participated in the Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold. For those following the story, you may have read in the news today what happened to Sherry in greater detail.  The information is devastating.  Last Saturday tens of thousands of people across the country ran, walked, hopped, skipped and jumped for Sherry.  Sherry’s cousin Beth of SUAR organized the virtual race and the World got behind Sherry.  Runners in China, Germany, Canada, US and beyond.

I ran 20 for Sherry last weekend and I ran my heart out.  As I pounded the pavement, I stomped on the men sick enough to do this to her.  As I ran the hills of the neighborhood I was reminded of her courage and strength during the struggle and the fight she probably put up.  And as I ran along the ocean, I hoped and prayed she was in peace and that her family would one day find peace again.

The Lightbulb in my head never dimmed during these runs.  Even though they were virtual and I didn’t run with Heather or Beth in person, I didn’t forget my purpose or my plight.  Both Gabby and Sherry remind me of the power that I have to give back and give more – putting my passions towards the greater good and using my running to fight the greater fight.

With that, I move on to Boston where I’ve raised over $4k. so far for Fred’s Team.  Time to do more good.

{MF Dre}


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