My Kind of Holiday.


Nope, sorry. Not Ash Wednesday.  That whole giving-things-up-for-40-days…I never really know what to do.

Some may find it odd, but I don’t have many vices/addictions/musts/needs/whathaveyou that I’d really miss for 40 days. Maybe I should stick to the do-something-good for 40 days. But wait, I’m trying.

So it might just be a smidge ironic that today happens to be a Holiday dedicated to one of my favorite things

T of TnT.  Um, yes, please. With a lime on top. And one squeezed in for good measure too.

So maybe I should give up the T juice for Lent.  Probably not.  With all the Marathon Training, I’ve pretty much already given up most of the drinking anyway.  Slowly realized that alcohol may not be as good a fuel as Gu and Nuun and real food too.

{let’s just call this a #runnerproblem}

So back to the T.

Met up with my Yogi friend who’s going through all sorts of fun curveball-ish life changes for a little dish session sponsored by Don Julio.

That right there, in the upper left, is THE Pink Taco Margarita and some salsa that I spilled all over the place while trying to pour it into my mouth. How did this T-Marg measure up in the world of best.happy.hour.ever.margaritas? From this self-proclaimed  tequila/margarita connoisseur’s perspective

On the sabor scale of Fireworks, because Tequila and Fireworks often go together in my house, this margarita was definitely not a ground spinner, but I’ll give it a sparkler status – it was meant to be held and gave off small colored sparks with each sip.


 {MF Dre}

  • Did you celebrate National Margarita Day?
  • Rocks? Blended? Salt? No Salt?
  • Do you give up anything for Lent each year? 


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