I soared across the country to meet this guy

For NBA All Star Weekend.

Being that the Mr. is my lil’ bro gladly hoarded accepted my +1 invite to head down to Orlando for all of the festivities this weekend.

Plane rides to Orlando are never my favorite. Even working for the mouse and being a proponent of the the whole – hey I gotta make a dime too – there is never a quiet and peaceful flight to Orlando.

Especially when you add this to the mix.


Followed by this….

I’m telling you. From behind, it made your vision even blurrier.

Anyway, we hit up a bit of the Celebrity Game and the Rising Stars Challenge. More to come on that. I have quite the video coming.

For now, we’re at Epcot. Doing a little of this

{Mission Space}

And a little of this



Arguably my our favorite ride ever.

And if you’ve never been on Soarin’,

{MF Dre}

  • What’s your favorite ride at Disneyland or Disney World?
  • Amber Rose – what’s she famous for again?  Just being Kanye’s girlfriend? 

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