All Star Kind of Weekend


NBA All Star Game is tonight!  East vs. West

who are you rooting for?

I’m torn.  Home town love for Lakers and Lob City vs. Dwight, Dwayne and LBJ?

Looking forward to all all-offense game.

So far we’ve done a lot – NBA Jam Session, Celebrity Game, Rising Stars Challenge, Skills Challenge, 3-Pt Contest, Slam Dunk Contest and an after party at the House of Blues! Guess you kind of have to like basketball to enjoy this kind of weekend.

{Though based on some of the outfits and some of the women down here, you could also just be a jersey chaser}

Couple photos – Kobe, Dwight, Blake and a little Flo Rida (appropriate, no?)?  I signed the official blow up game ball an got a wee.bit.too.close…oh, and then this happened.

{Jeremy Lin’s parents on the kiss cam – and no, they did not kiss – awkward!}

Today the weather’s been icky. overcast, rainy-ish and chilly. Pretty sweet for all the princesses and fairies who ran the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at the crack of 5:45am dawn this morning.  SOO glad I opted out of that one after a late night last night at the House of Blues.

Anyway, rather than work on our goosebumps at the pool, we tore it up at the outlets and got some pretty great deals.

Nike, New Balance and Victorias Secret were my friends. (Yes, Victorias.Secret.Outlet- who knew??)

And I think I found my LA Marathon Skirt.

{that looks like a glowing a-ha kind of I found the skirt kind of moment, doesn’t it?}

Holy Crud, the LA Marathon is 3 Sundays from today!!!

My training plan went slightly awry  this weekend with the trip to NBA All Star.  I mean, who really plans on doing a 20 miler after late nights and when your brother that you don’t get to see that often is with you.  Probably rather do what you can than spend your life  entire morning running, stretching, ice bathing etc.  So yesterday I got in 14 miles in 2 hours – he slept through most of it anyway and it didn’t get in the way of our day at Epcot.  Today I logged about 8 between warm-up, run and cool down. Super easy relaxed pace, but all on a hill.   Pushing my last 20 miler until next week and then will have 2 weeks to taper down.  Hope that’s enough rest time.

Off to the All Star Game

Go West. er. Go East.


{MF Dre}


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