East vs. West



So in the whole East vs. West bet….

{I lost}.

but I didn’t go down without a fight.  coming from 20 points behind in the 4th quarter, the East made the run at the proverbial comeback and didn’t disappoint for a second.  Thought it was hard to compete with Lob City, Kobe’s – Michael Jordan beating scoring record and MVP Kevin Durant, I still love me a little east coast nose breaking action.

My not so lil bro will now be sporting something along the lines of this – actually pretty sure he’s NBA-nerd-rocking it to the airport right now.

Pre-Game we were invited to a party at Church Street Station where all of the bars along the street were themed with drinks , apps and entertainment.

 We got to see Javier Colon from “The Voice” perform In Your Eyes  and then saw these guys, The Pentatonix, perform.  They were incredible.

The In-Game Entertainment wasn’t so bad either.

which dualed with this

We had an incredible time. So much fun to hang with my brother, watch a lot of NBA, visit the parks and party with all the ultimate fans.

Guess we missed some wardrobe malfunctions during the Oscars

What did you watch?

{MF Dre}


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