I’m Reddy for a Brother in Law



Last week this happened…

My sister, Miss Kiki, is becoming a Mrs.

{Mrs. soon-to-be Kiki Doctah’ Reddy that is}

The Doctah’ proposed last Monday night and she’s been working on her finger strength reveling in engagement bliss all week.   Cheers to the incredible couple {and to the gorgeous bling too}

Doctah’, I’m Reddy for you to join the family!

It’s funny how things work out.  As my sister, brother and I dated over the years, we all went through a mix of significant and not-so-significant others. In most instances – it was my Sister or my Brother {or both} that would ever so poignantly alert me to the fact that I was dating the wrong guy. And don’t be mistaken; I repaid these moments of truth right back.  Given how different the three of us are in terms of personality and interest, I supposed that perhaps it was a bit of a stepford dream to think that they we would all wind up with partners that we’d be excited and proud to call brother and sisters–in-law.


Based on our collective dating history, I thought it might be possible that we’d have to learn to love them.
I was wrong.

I remembered that though we each express ourselves differently each and every day, we all have the same core values which we admire, respect and also expect out of the people we surround ourselves with. And sometimes, particularly in the cliché that people enter your lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime, we were merely dating people who help remind us of the things that we were missing, and thus, the things we most valued in the company that we chose.

My Brother married my amazing Barbie-in-Law in September and now my Sister is headed down the aisle with the most awesome Doctah’ whom I absolutely adore.

The fun is about to begin, helping her to plan, shop, craft, decorate, celebrate and pin – like crazy.

This family thing…it just keeps getting better.


{MF Dre}


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