The Best of 29


Whoops! Sorry for those of you who got my draft notes of this post earlier!

Here are some of the best of the last 29 days! I did this in January and loved being able to look back on all of the adventures and all of the fun.

  • I got asked to be a Bridesmaid in a wedding I cannot wait for!
  • I’ve found some running friends – and I have to say running with friends is pretty nice. Last night I joined the Disney Tri Team for 6 miles, I paced a friend for 16 a few weekends ago as we both train for LA Marathon and I ran with my friend Sam and talked Charity Running a few weeks ago along the beach
  • I won this Moving Comfort sports bra at the Front Runners event – silly I know, but I never win anything! and p.s. if you friend them on FB you get inside and early access to some great deals.

  • This week we had our BIGGEST series launch ever and my team kicked some major boo-tay on it.
  • I joined Fred’s team to do.more.good, signed up for Boston and am raising as much money as I can to kick cancer in the face.
  • My Sister got Engaged!
  • I reintroduced myself to spice drops {where have you been the last few years and how did I forget about you} and since  Super excited to try to make my own with this recipe.

  • Oh and I ran a 6:45 mile – thanks Homies.
  • Tasted Devoured some Triple Layer Nirvana
  • Saw a pretty sweet exhibit at LACMA which will serve as great inspiration for the launch of one of our upcoming series.
  • I had a dance party to Rhianna’s Princess of China on replay, over and over and over, by myself.
  • I saw these guys and they were so incredibly gorgeous in person? They’re the Official Budweiser Clydesdale Horses.  Oh and PS – they had a Dalmatian riding in the truck named Bud.


  • I spent a ridiculously awesome 3 days with my brother in Orlando for NBA All Star (and got my fil of chick.fil.a)

  • Read a great and EVER.SO.TRUE. quote that’s stuck with me:

Failures are expected by losers, ignored by winners. – Joe Gibbs

  • And had a lot of great laughs with the Mr. and cuddle time with my Homies

What were your highlights of 29?

{MF Dre}



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