The Great Not-Peanut-Butter Debate and A Giveaway


I know we’re all always looking for inspiration – and how to save a buck or two as well on great fashion trends.  My friend Tabitha over at Defining Tabitha is the go-to on all sorts of great fashion inspiration.  For now though, she is on a Babymoon in Europe and while she is away, she asked me to guest blog to you about that I.don’ I have.  In truth, It’s led to some pretty incredible adventures.  Go check it out.

Meanwhile did you know that yesterday was National Peanut Butter Lovers Day??? Other than National Margarita Day, this may be my second favorite not-a-real holiday.

However, despite my love for the all natural PB, for the last two days I’ve been a little bit of a traitor to the PB.  I’ve been rotating a spoon consistently out of these two trying to decide if either are worth their weight in nuts.  I’m calling it the Great Not-Peanut-Butter-Debate sponsored by my local Trader Joes.

Dear PB,

I don’t eat oatmeal or a banana without you.  You have not been abandoned – no, not for one little tiny second.  I’m just looking for your better half in a perfect peanutty world.  We can call be friends. Mkay?

{MF Dre}

So the verdict?

{if you plan on finishing both jars at the same rate I’m currently at}

Caution: Curves Ahead


I’m certainly surprised to say that Better-than-PB is pretty good in a kind of way.  Kind of like eating a Chocolate Caramel Nut Balance Bar and pretending it’s a Snickers.  For 85% less fat and half the calories per serving, it’s definitely NOT better than PB, but I kind of dig it for it’s the mere fact that it’s an alternative option to add to my daily dose of

Cookie Butter {omg.i.die} wins hands down for the flavor. Holy amazingness can I put it on everything kind of wow. It has a sugar.cookie/gingersnap kind of DT-ish-ness that I cannot resist.  Please put a bag over this and hide it in the back of the pantry now. Please.

And since were talking some-kind-of-not-pb-deliciousness

Try this. Please.

My current obsession.  Black Forest Ham, Fig Butter and Goat Cheese sandwich on Pane Rustica Bread. Promise you will not die of disappointment – or starvation- once you try this.

 But you might if you don’t have a Trader Joes in your city, so I sincerely apologize.

However you do have a chance to win a trio of my favorite Not-PB’s.  and PSST…I will throw in a surprise 4th favorite to the mix.

{giveaway *** giveaway***giveaway}

Here’s how to enter:

  • Post a comment below telling me what the weirdest thing you’ve put PB on.  If you don’t eat PB, at least humor me (lie, people).
  • For a second chance to win, follow me on Twitter and post a comment below letting me know your Twitter handle name
  • For a third and fourth entries, tweet and/or facebook this out and let me know that you shared it with your friends in the comments below:  “I want to win The Great Non-Peanut-Butter Debate and a trio of deliciousness from @MFDre ‘s blog. Enter to win here:” and tell me with a comment!

I’ll draw a random a winner on Wednesday 5/7/12.

{MF Dre}

The giveaway runs from Friday, March 2, 2012 until 11:59pm EST on Tuesday 5/6/12 at 11:59pm.  A winner will be announced on my blog, twitter and Facebook on Wednesday 5/7/12 so make sure you check back! (Note: If the winners do not contact me by Saturday, Mar 11, 2012, a subsequent winner will be chosen.) Contest only valid in the United States.

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