Milestone Monday.


It’s Milestone Monday. And I’ve failed – er maybe I told one.big.gigantic fib.

Last week I was going to all of a sudden join the band wagon and be all about these books.




{do they give out ‘I tried” stickers because I feel like I tried to donate blood while attempting to read them}


So I gave up reading tween-lit. Forever. Like For. Ever. Ever.

I did killed my last 20 Miler on Saturday pre-LA Marathon (hello it is 13 days away) and now I’m in “taper” mode.  Problem is, I’m kinda hooked on running {And If I had ever been hooked on phonics, I would learn to say “kind of” vs. “kinda”} and I don’t really want to taper.  Weird. I thought I’d look forward to pulling back a bit from the training.

According to DailyMile, I had a pretty good week – Rockin’ that is.

54 miles last week. 450 total for the year.


Despite what seems like an endless pile of work, I had a few moments of inspiration/creativity this weekend that refreshed and regenerated me for the week ahead which is already rife with speed bumps. one day over.

  • I took the homies on a nice hike yesterday – arguably one of the prettiest days we’ve had in Los Angeles in a really long time.  The smog had lifted and you could see for a bazillion miles.  No phone, no music, just a nice long windy trail, my two buds and a few rattle snakes to keep things interesting.
  • I made the most DT homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza.  Yes, I’ve been slacking in the baking/cooking department lately and doing the “throw together” DIY type meal, but I pretty much went to heaven last night with this. And I’m going to go back to heaven tonight with leftovers.
  • Lastly, I’ve been flexing my knowledge from the Mr. and taking off to the platinum skies by working on a project around Private Charter Aircraft for a friend.  Would you drive if you could fly private? Duh.  Stay tuned.

That’s it for Monday.

Time to Jet.

{MF Dre}



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