The Homie Howl.


I worked from home today seeing as I’ve been flirting with this that’s running rampant through the halls of the mouse house.  We’re crunching against deadlines and work is cha.o.tic. But this added a little humor to my day.

Apparently we’re in prime route for LA Fire Station #69 (yes, true) and this happened about 8 times today. No joke. I laughed until I cried each and every time.

Then I wondered if it was because it hurt their ears so I looked it up here.

Howling dogs – why dogs howl

Howling is a form of communication in dogs. It is a way for dogs to signal their presence to other dogs that are often located far away. It is common in wolves and coyotes, both relatives of today’s domestic dog.

Domestic dogs that howl, especially those that howl excessively are usually doing this because they are bored and lonely. Getting extra toys, and giving your dog more attention and exercise will help to stimulate your dog and reduce excessive howling. If you make your dog sleep outside all night, it’s no wonder the dog howls a lot. Bring the dog inside!

Sometimes dogs will howl when they hear sirens or other loud higher pitched sounds like clarinets and flutes. These sounds may even come from a television set. Dogs do this as an instinctive response to hearing what they interpret to be another howl (dog in the distance). They are not doing this because it hurts their ears.

So I’m just going to continue laughing {and encouraging the homie howl} because laughter might be the best medicine for sickness and for stress.

{MF Dre}

  • Do your dogs howl at sirens?
  • What randomly made you laugh today?




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