Freedom from the Everyday.


Saturday was absolutely gorgeous.  Like This was the first Saturday in at least 2 months where the Mr. hasn’t had to work and I haven’t had some ungodly long run to complete.  So we relished in the day, taking advantage of some together time to celebrate the gorgeous day, unbroken conversations, future planning and afternoon delights in Malibu.

After his and hers haircuts (yes, we’re that lame couple),

we took the bike out for a cruise through the canyons and did a little house hunting.

As I suspected, house hunting is daunting and exhausting, but of course whimsical and fun at the same time.  Since we’re not in the immediate market, we’re taking a casual approach, scouting out well established neighborhoods and hidden canyons that offer a bit more of a rustic approach to city living.

Mid-afternoon, we cruised back through the Malibu Canyon and landed at Cafe Habana for a casual refuel on margaritas, cubanos, fish tacos and ceviche.

and then headed back down the coast for a perfect sunset at the beach.

How do you take advantage of a completely free day?

{MF Dre}

PS. The winner of the Great Not Peanut Butter giveaway is Nik.  Nik send me your contact info via the mail icon on the right!


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