Milestone Monday.


If you recall, one of my goals for 2012 was to be

wait for it…

the MF Biebs.

and since we all know I’m well on my way to that goal, let’s see which other goals I’m knocking back.


  • Complete my first Marathon  {and if possible do it in a Sub-4}  YES, I SAID IT OUT LOUD HERE ON THE BLOG, SHOOTING FOR A SUB-4 SO COME SUNDAY A 3:59:59 DAMN WELL COUNTS.  PRAY FOR IT.
  • Enter the lottery for INGNYC Marathon 2012  CHECK. WAITING PATIENTLY FOR APRIL TO COME.
  • Enjoy Racing and Running.  Travel to races, race and run with friends, meet new friends in the running world. – MET TWO NEW RUNNING PARTNERS OVER THE LAST FEW WEEKS AND THEY BOTH FREAKIN’ ROCK. ONE IS RUNNING BOSTON AND THE OTHER CHICAGO.  RUNNING FRIENDS.
  • Stay competitive, but don’t let competition define me. SEE GOAL #1.  3:59:59 
  • Stay Limber and Healthy.  Stretch a lot. Listen to my Body. Make Yoga a priority. STRETCHING YES, YOGA, NO. MUST WORK ON THAT.
  • I banned together with HauteRunningMama (who just had a major PR btw) and we’re both going to shoot for 2000 Miles in 2012 – maybe we should actually go for 2012 miles in 2012.  {this equals about 38 miles/week}. This is really the only goal that has a start date of yesterday, but I’m OK with that.  I signed up for DailyMile to track my progress {and put an icon on my blog} – feel free to check in on me, throw me some encouragement or even join me on a run!  It’s not about speed, just enjoying the journey. 485 SO FAR FOR 2012.  THE NEXT MONTH OR SO WILL BE INTERESTING BETWEEN ALL THE RECOVERY TIME I’LL NEED AND STILL KEEPING STRONG FOR BOSTON. 


  • Reconnect with my Guitar.  I played for a while and lost touch with it when I broke my wrist.  2 years later, I’m well beyond healed.  I see it sitting on the stand across the room every day, staring me down.  It’s time dear friend. It’s time. IT WAS DUSTED.  PROBABLY NEEDS TO BE RE-DUSTED NOW. LE SIGH.
  • Continue to create, cook, design, style and craft with reckless abandon. Creativity is the necessary catharsis in my life and I also have a strong desire to make things my own. When things get hectic around me, creativity brings me back to who I am and allows me to put a uniquely personal touch on the mundane. I MADE A PRETTY GREAT PASTA SALAD THIS WEEKEND AND SOME ROASTED BRUSSELS SPROUTS AND I WANTED TO TRY MY HAND AT FRENCH MACAROONS USING THIS RECIPE, BUT WE HAVE TOO MANY GIRL SCOUT COOKIES LYING AROUND TO JUSTIFY MAKING MORE SWEETS.  {side note, I guess I did support a good waistline cause in purchasing the GS cookies though}   
  • Bring theMFDre to life. It’s only been about 2 months since I started blogging, but I’ve been having so much fun.  And on top of it, I’ve more than quadrupled my readership month over month.  I’m going to dedicate a little more thinking and a little more time to this and really try to grow theMFDre.  (and P.S., theMFDre was a nickname inspired by lyrics from Dr. Dre’s Let Me Ride back in High School.  The message of the song didn’t stick, but the nickname did, so I kept it). HERE’S WHERE YOU COME IN.  WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? SEE? HEAR? READ? 

Make an Impact:

  • Do More Good. After running the Operation Jack 1/2 Marathon and a few other virtual races for charity, I realized that I have the power to do more good. To do what I love and and at the same time, support great causes and great people.  Between Running (and Fitness in General), Creating, Cooking and a myriad of other things, I have the ability to put my talents to use to benefit others – even if it is supporting a bake sale hence the GS Cookie purchase.  Do More Good does not mean Do BIG things. It means no matter how small or how big, make an impact. WHABAM.  LOOK AT HOW MUCH MONEY I’VE RAISED TO DATE FOR FRED’S TEAM!!  I’VE UPPED MY GOAL TWICE AND I’M STILL GOING!

  • Stay Inspired. Push the limits and boundaries of what is possible – at work, at play, in thought and in relationships.  Don’t settle for what is – particularly if I’m not happy with it.  Be the change.  Make my mark. I’M MAKING CHANGES. AND MAKING MY MARK.  A FEW GREAT PROJECTS DONE AT WORK AND A FEW IN THE WORKS.  COUPLE OF SIDE PROJECTS KEEPING THINGS INTERESTING. AND PLAYING MORE.  SATURDAY WAS A PERFECT EXAMPLE GETTING BACK OUT OF BOUNDS EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE.

And if you didn’t already figure it out Spoiler Alert: in next week’s Milestone Monday, I will be a Marathon Finisher.


{MF Dre}


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