About a week ago I received a note on facebook from a life long friend that said,

First of all, WOW!  Good for You!  and Second, WOW! I’m honored!

I too can say that over the last year, I’ve been re-inspired to Run, not only because I can, but because of some wonderful friends like this girl who has not only run multiple marathons but done a full Ironman, a Mr. who tells me I’m unstoppable, run-blogger-friends like this girl, this girl and this girl and a pretty fantastic group of Twitter and Daily Mile motivators to boot. Thank you all!

Then tonight, I was reading a Running Report on Sharing the Road from Runners World and pulled this excerpt.

You may not realize it , but you influence non-runner s all the time.
I’m willing to bet there are a dozen nonrunners close to you who admire what
you do—and probably wish they ran themselves. Who are these people? Maybe
a coworker. Maybe a friend. Maybe your spouse.
It’s possible that with just a little extra encouragement from you, one of these people could be brought into the sport.

So I promised this friend that we’d run and brunch soon.  In the spirit of following the above tips and NOT dragging her to a race to leave her to fend for herself, and instead RUNNING a race TOGETHER, maybe, just maybe, she’ll want to sign up and run the Caspers Wilderness Park 10k with me on March 25th. hint.hint. and then we can brunch {and start to brainstorm for a very important bachelorette party we’ll be in charge of planning}

The Caspers Wilderness Park 10k falls a week after LA Marathon and I plan on using it as a cool down race.  Something to keep the legs active in between LA and Boston, but also a fun way to try a new route and celebrate spring as this route promises to be really scenic.

Event Description: This park offers 8,000 acres of protected preserve nestled among the river terraces and sandstone canyons of the western coastal Sana Ana Mountains. The 5K and 10K runs take place on the easy-to-moderate trails in this scenic park where runners can expect to see wildflowers in bloom and other wildlife.

I’ve only run one trail race before and let’s be honest, I got trampled. But since I’m being honest, it was because I tried to be some sort of speed hero instead of just enjoying the trail and running in the wild.

So the question is dear runinspired friend, are you in?

and to my other run friends – especially those of you in the OC, are you in?

{MF Dre}


2 thoughts on “Runspiration.

  1. oh snap. Are you running Caspers?! I was really considering it, and then I was lazy and didn’t register.

    I’ve got 16 on my schedule that day, so I think I’m skipping it, but we should totally meet up for lunch after!


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