Party at Mile 22.


You’re Invited

to a party at mile 22.

Yes, the weather man is predicting rain showers, but certainly not the rainpocalypse of LA Marathon 2011, so get dressed and come on over to our place for Mimosas and Bagels Sunday morning.

The Mr. will be hosting so I can’t guarantee anything organized or fancy, but I’m sure it will be fun for those of you cheering and jeering at those {fingers pointed at me} suckers running 26.2

If my pacing works according to plan, I’ll be cruising through Brentwood somewhere between 11-11:30am at which point cheering, posters, music, food, water, hugs, run buddies, smiles, high fives and any other form of encouragement will all be MORE THAN WELCOME

{the Mr. is telling everyone that they can throw things at me}

Nice. Really Nice.

So come join the Mile 22 Party!

Rain or Shine, I’ll be rocking my Pink Skirt as seen above and my Bib number is 5683 for those of you who want to track me you can do so here.

OR for those of you who want to do something super fun, you can send a custom support message to me that I’ll see during the run! right here

If you can’t make it to Mile 22, for those of you who live along the route – wherever you are, look for me! cheer for me! remind me that I showed up to kick some running tail. or something like that.  Let me know where you’ll be and I’ll look for you too!

{MF Dre}

Note: Please pay attention to Street Closures.  San Vicente will be closed from 5am to 5pm so you can either park below SV and walk up to our house, or come down from Sunset to our place.

8 thoughts on “Party at Mile 22.

  1. Beth Goldfarb

    I’m going to be at Santa Monica and Beverly Glen. Let me know if you want me to bring any snacks, gloves, rain gear, etc. xoxo


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