Ever fallen off a treadmill?  Or better yet, fallen over in Yoga?  Yes, I have. {to both}

Gotten a wedgie when you dove into the pool for your race during a huge swim meet?  Yes, me too.

What about hit yourself in the face with your tennis racket.  Yes, done that one too.

Laughed so hard while walking that you fell over (at work?).  Nope Not Me.  But You know who You Are.

The yoga thing, it actually happened twice.  Once because the Mr. decided to tease me and give me a little ‘love tap” and I lost all sense of balance.  The other time, the guy behind me was missing his second toe.  I was so unbelievably grossed out/distracted —>foot issues<— that I fell over in the process of stretching too far to get a better look.

Lets face it, we’ve all had some interesting and ‘entertaining’ workouts – yoga, swimming, running, elliptical mishaps where things just haven’t gone our way. Hopefully we’ve found the humor in the situation and learned from any mistakes.

What is your funniest/most entertaining workout story?

The team from the SoCal Wine Country Women’s Half Marathon nominated my “naked mile” story from my college days for a free entry into their half marathon this June.  Trail running through Wine Country and Wine after? yes please!

I would love it if you “LIKED” my entry here and see the image for where to click Like!


{MF Dre}



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