Girl Scouts Gone Wild.


Last night as I was staring into the cupboard at the bazillion boxes of Girl Scout cookies I bought and I was irked because I felt like it was really cramping my baking style.  I love to bake and as I said here, with all the fricking GS cookies in the house, I just couldn’t justify making more.

love it when that happens


Cookie Stuffed Cookies.

Holy. D.T.

and If a Cookie Stuffed Cookie was not already a double bonus, I’ll add a triple.

Genius way to knock out some of those boxes blocking my view of anything healthy in the cupboard.

{not mentioning that bag of chocolate chips stacked on top that might be further blocking the view}

I used this recipe and snubbed the Oreos.  The Tagalongs were obvs coming along.

chocolate chippy butter sugar dough deliciousness


 sweet chocolate peanut butter shortbread deliciousness.

triple layered

then smushed

its safe to say that this

will blow your mind

{and will disappear faster than you can remove them from the cooling rack}

Bet your wishing you paid a bit more love to the Girl Scouts this year.

Find Some Now

{MF Dre}

  • What would be your ultimate cookie combination?
  • What’s your favorite GS Cookie?    

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