Marathon Morning. Let’s Go.


I’ve trained. I’ve tempo’d. I’ve hilled. I’ve x-trained. I’ve had some amazing runs and some hideous ones. I’ve foam rolled. I’ve stretched. I’ve fueled (and fueled) and now I’ve tapered. and I’ve slept.

It’s time. I’m Ready.

Bring it streets of LA.

Given all of my crazy training over the last 6 months, I thought this might bring some humor to my friends and family – hopefully I haven’t been THIS BAD!

However, in case you were wondering, here was my pep talk with myself this morning over a 4am cup of coffee.

So What are You Doing Today? Running 26.2 miles (yes, on purpose).

How Long Will That Take You? Sub-4 or bust.

Is This Going to Be Fun? YES. I am aware that at certain points during the race it might just.plain.suck, but having a bad attitude does nothing for me, so I know it will be awesome.

What happens if you get rained on? What rain? My Day Glo repels rain and projects a sunny aura around me.

What are you most excited about? The adrenaline rush at the starting line, seeing the city by foot, Miles 7, 14, 18, 20, 23 where I’ll have cheering friends! the Mile 22 party, and 26.2. (duh)

What Happens After? I will drink a bottle of champagne (while in an ice bath), dominate something DT and then go watch F1 with the Mr. which he has kindly tape delayed. Kind of ironic how I like to run and he likes anything to do with cars. Guess we won’t be that annoying running couple anytime soon.

Off to do 26.2 #1.


Wish me Luck!

{MF Dre}


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