The Real Results.


If I had been a smart cookie, I might have paid council to my trusty Magic 8 ball before being with my predictions for the start of the Sweet Sixteen.

I would have had a 50/50 chance of cooling my ego and maybe being a bit more non-committal in my quest for NCAA Family Pool Greatness.

Here’s where things get real.

I hear the water’s warm at the bottom.

On to better news.  I was a little miffed at myself last weekend when I didn’t make my sub-4 goal. And then yesterday I saw this.

Maybe a smidge difficult to read, but out of 23,000 runners, I was 4,454.  That’s in the top 20% of runners.  And in the pool of women, I came in at #986.  I don’t have the exact split of men to women, but if there were a minimum of 10,000 women running, that puts me in the top 10% of women.  Spinning  Looking at the results this way, for my first marathon, I did pretty darn well and was certainly NOT THE BIGGEST LOSER IN THIS ONE.  smiles.

So I’m moving on.  I took a pretty easy week letting my legs recover, had my body ravaged in yoga today and I’m now loose as a noodle.  Starting tomorrow, the Boston plan is back on. Let’s not forget this run (and my horrible, desperately in need of a haircut friends hair d0)

Boston’s in 3 weeks and after a bit of thinking/planning, I’ve decided to do the last three weeks of Hal Higdon’s Boston Bound plan which puts me at a 2 hour 3/1 run tomorrow, another 20 miler next weekend, some hills, some paces and a taper.

Let’s go!

{MF Dre}


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