Milestone Monday: Be the Inspiration


Something mildly different this week for Milestone Monday. One of my goals this year was to stay inspired and push the limits in my life to continue to make my mark, and to make sure that my life is as broad, rich and full as it is hopefully long.

 As I have begun putting my talents and energy to use to Do More Good, I’ve had some really special people – friends and strangers alike – reach out, root me on and tell me what they’ve now been inspired to do.  Certainly I don’t take full credit for their inspiration revelation, but I do know that every once in a while some feeling, experience or emotion comes along and mobilizes you to ask yourself to embrace a bigger future – to take a courageous next step and to energize that vision or hope into action.

But sometimes you need just a little push – some sort of motivation to get you to commit – and it is that moment that you say YES that you realize your true potential.  Sort of like this…

{or something like that}

Really though, through very broken braz-english, my hang gliding instructor said to me, if you don’t run full force down this ramp, it you hesitate for one second as we approach the fall, we’re both toast.  So commit.  Or don’t come.

O-K.  Crap.  He raised me to the test. Spoke to me in a way that said, time to level up if you want to be a part of an adventure that some may consider greatness (others may consider insane).  Granted we’re talking hang gliding here, but I’m pretty sure I can safely say this falls into the category of pushing the limits and going a step beyond where you’re comfortable to inspire something new.  The same thing happened when I signed up to run Boston Marathon with Fred’s Team.  I had contemplated running for Charity in the past, but never really bit the bullet. Until I got introduced to Fred’s Team who just so happened to have ONE spot left on the Boston team.  It was too personal,  too important and too fleeting of an opportunity to not commit.  I.Was.Inspired.

After all of the leadership courses and books I’ve read and been exposed to over the years, one thing has consistently rung true,

You cannot inspire others unless you’re inspired yourself

And this silly little leadership course cliche proves itself true.  Just last week I received this email

Hi Mfdre –

You don’t know me but I admire your story. I’m KJ and I live in Baltimore. I am very interested in joining Fred’s Team for the NYC Marathon and I’m one step away from joining. I hate cancer. I want to fight and run for head and neck cancer and it’s a rare form that needs a lot of monetary support. Anyways, as you know, Fred’s Team has different levels of fundraising goals and a part of me wants to raise $6,000 for the fight against cancer then a small part of me is telling me that I can’t – it’s too much! I googled “Fred’s Team, fundraising, raised money” and found your AWESOME blog! You are amazing. And I’m in awe of how much you’ve raised for Fred’s Team Boston! I wanted to know if you have any advice or pointers for raising money. I don’t want to make this decision based on 100% passion and emotion and not meet my goal but I know it’s something that MUST be done! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you can find the time in your schedule to respond.


Of course we all know that KJ is already there.  She’s already got the inspiration bug to run the NY Marathon with Fred’s Team.  After our email exchange, I got this one.

I’m going to do it! I ‘m going to sign up and do my very best to raise as much money as I can!

You GO KJ!  I can personally say that raising money for Fred’s Team and gearing up to run Boston in honor of all the lives that have been touched by that dirty little disease called cancer,  has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had so far and I haven’t even run the race yet!  This race is so much bigger than my personal running goals. KJ and I are both now getting the chance to help kick cancer in the face!

I’m Inspired.

{MF Dre}

And PS.  Look who’s in the top 10 fundraising…


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