Homie Beach.


Sunday was a perfectly gorgeous Southern California day. After Volleyball and 22 Miles, we decided to take the Homies out for a little exercise and headed down to Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach. Rosie’s is the only off-leash dog beach in LA County and spans about 3 acres. There are a few dog parks and off-leash hiking trails like Westridge Canyon that we take them to regularly, but we hadn’t ever had a “legal” beach date with the Homsters.


Homie #2 is a bit of a runner – one taste of leash-less freedom in an unenclosed area would mean one of us would be running another 22 to catch him so we ran him on leash.

Homie #1 got humbled by a few waves but kept going back asking for more.

Best part about this dog beach, besides the obvious that it’s fun, No.Snotty.Dog.Owners. Seriously after going to Rosie’s, it confirmed for me that Westside dog owners need to relax. It was refreshing being around a group of dogs and owners who didn’t care about their designer jeans getting dirty, taking important business calls and their perfect dogs who never do anything wrong.

The dogs were asleep for at least 6 hours after we got home and bathed.

Guess it was a perfect day for them too.

Do you have any great leash-less parks?

Are dog owners snotty in your neighborhood?

{MF Dre}


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