Milestone Monday.


So apparently I impressed someone this week…even if it was just a silly little app called Daily Mile.  I think this was my highest mileage week ever.  But it’s TAPER TIME now…wonder what DM will say next week?

Hey MF Dre, you really slacked it in the training department this week?

In other fun news, I’m 95% to goal here!  I feel a bit of a sense of awesomeness for having so many great people in my life that also want to kick cancer in the face!  Fred’s Team has raised almost $500k alone this year for Cancer Research and I’m proud to say that so many of you have helped make that number come alive!

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

And in even more fun news, today I was asked to join the FitFluential team as an ambassador!  FitFluential is a nationwide network of Fitness Enthusiasts and Influencers – follow @FitFluential!  Stay tuned for more on this one, but for now I am super excited to join the team!

{MF Dre}


3 thoughts on “Milestone Monday.

    • I have a LOVE HATE relationship with Taper. SO we’ll see how this one goes. You’ve got one more big 20 run left and then taper too? or are you doing multiple 20’s?


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