Dear Nuun, I Wrote You a Mad-Lib


So I got a leeeetle bit creative yesterday.

I was sitting at my desk waiting on hold and a very important newsflash across my twitter feed:

The team at Nuun is building 3 – all female – all blogger – teams to run Hood to Coast – a 197 mile 12 person relay from Mt. Hood all the way to the Sea in Oregon!  So my friend Hutch and I decided to apply and we’re crossing our fingers and toes that they’ll accept both of us!

Don’t you think they should pick me too?

Have you run this race before?

Did you apply? Show off your entry here!

{MF Dre}


13 thoughts on “Dear Nuun, I Wrote You a Mad-Lib

  1. krissy m. murphy

    (I was so excited I posted before I was done commenting!)

    Anywho, I posted a collection of some of the video applications I have enjoyed so far, as well as my own, on my recent blog post! 😀

  2. Very creative – a nice change from all the video applications. But, as the video apps go, the Running Hutch one is great! She’s got skills!


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