I Will Run to You.


Happy Easter!

This morning I planned to do my last long run before the Boston Marathon next Monday  I’ve found that tapering before a race makes me really uneasy – running less and cutting back to rest/recover suddenly gives me panic that I’ll all of a sudden lose my fitness or not be well trained enough to get me to the finish.  It’s all bogus of course and probably the nerves talking, so even if today’s planned 12 miles was less than half of a marathon, there’s something about a good LR that helps to ease my nerves and reminds me of all the training I’ve got in the bank.

I had a 12 mile route planned with a 2.5 mile warm up followed by 2 x 4 mile loops.  Each loop had a 2 mile gradual decline leading in to a 2 mile gradual incline, followed by a 1.5 mile cool down for a total of 12 miles.  I figured I’d get a few more hills in before this Heartbreak Hill everyone talks about.  Well, 12 miles turned into 7.  My right knees been bugging me a smidge ad around mile 5 I started to feel it.  So I nixed the second loop and opted to run safe rather than sorry.

7 Miles in 58 minutes.  8:17 pace.

Speaking of long runs…does anyone else think this spot is just plain ridiculous? It reminds me of those moments in the Bachelor where you know the producers have instructed the couple to run towards one another and leap into one another arms for that perfect camera moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that this ad embraces that spirit of ‘my legs will take me anywhere’, shares in the ‘freedom’ of running, and of course I love the look of the Nike Free Shoes, but there is no way in hell that shoe is going to run you across the country or even be good for a semi LR. Perhaps this spot – if you could sit through its length – will do best to motivate the couch potato to get up, go buy some pretty pink Nikes and to get out there and run in hopes of overcoming some unrequited love story…

I’m off my soap box.

Anyway, after the 7 miles, I still felt like I had more in me, but just didn’t want to pound on the knee. Plus we had a few hours to kill before the Easter festivities began so the Mr. and I took piled the Homies into the car for a beautiful Easter morning trail hike in Sullivan Canyon

Time for Brunch with one fam followed by an Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner with the other fam.

{MF Dre}

  • What did you think of the Nike Commercial? 
  • If you run in Nike Free’s what’s the longest distance you take them?  
  • How do you celebrate Easter? 

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