One Day Without Shoes.


Today is the day dedicated to spreading awareness around the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life. Millions of children live without shoes, exposing them to disease and injury each and every day. Organizations like One Day Without Shoes created by Toms and Soles 4 Soles each have unique programs where part of their mission is to change the world, one pair of shoes at a time by getting shoes to those need – whether via poverty or disaster.  One Day Without Shoes asks people to go without shoes today in an effort to raise awareness for their mission so that kids don’t have to go without shoes.

As a runner, I have a closet littered with my ‘precious’ running shoes. It’s interesting to me how much value I place on each and every one of my pairs of running shoes. Some are for long runs, some for track workouts, some for hiking, some for dog walking, some for running fast, some for trails, some stored in the trunk for emergencies and always a fresh back up pair in preparation for that 400-ish mile expiration. For the obsession I have with my sport, I justify each pair as a NEED and a MUST.

{Interestingly I place very little of this said value on my work and dressy shoes}

But are they really worth this value I place on them? Yes and No.

Research has proven that you can prevent injury by wearing the proper shoes.  Each sport – even walking – places a specific biomechanical demand on your body and wearing the proper sport-specific shoes can better protect, support and propel your performance day in and day out.

I’ve had plenty of injuries, knees, ankles, back etc. over the years and what I’ve finally learned is that proper form and proper shoes are critical to keeping myself healthy, my body stable and thus my mind free.

{because I would (and do) go crazy if I had to sit still}.

So Yes, they’re valuable.

On the other hand, in looking at my closet (all shoes not pictured), my collection is obsessive and excessive.  Case in point, I have 2 pairs of worn out running shoes that are now dedicated to hiking.  I have 2 pairs of shoes in my trunk?  Why? Well I still like them both so somehow I need a back up for my backup just in case my car breaks down and I have to walk. {so I guess I’ll be able to pick the pair that best matches my outfit??}   I have a pair in my office – God forbid there’s a fire drill and I need to walk down 19 flights in dress shoes.  I have a pair in the RV for all of our race track adventures.

If I learned anything in math class, I have about 15 pairs.  Few of which actually have much regular and necessary value to me.

 So what am I doing?

I am NOT sitting behind my desk barefoot today. Unfortunately as semi-liberal as my company is, it just does not feel appropriate.

I am NOT buying another pair of TOMS today to support their buy one get one model, as clearly I do not need more shoes in my life.

But I am going to Do More Good.

Instead I WILL be cleaning out my shoe closet and sending a minimum of 5 pairs {slightly cringing on the inside} to one of the many drop off locations for Soles4Soles.

The value of these shoes to me is nothing in comparison to what they could provide to someone else.

What about you? Are you barefoot? Willing to Donate Shoes?  How many extra pairs to do “justify” keeping around that could provide so much more value to someone else? 

{MF Dre}


4 thoughts on “One Day Without Shoes.

  1. I went barefoot all day, though I work from home as a writer and am a barefoot runner, so my only ventures that allowed me to raise awareness in a new way was to go to my fitness boot camp in bare feet and send out email/Facebook/Twitter info about “One Day w/o Shoes” and Soles4Souls. But, sending people a picture of your bare feet is an attention getter, so I got a lot of response, which allowed me to draw some attention to the cause.


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