Luck of the Chinese.


Despite being a smidge Irish, I’ve never really had that proverbial Luck of the Irish.  I think that perhaps recently my luck has come via Chinese food – and I don’t even like Chinese food.

Case in point.  We went to Chin Chin the other night {the most Non-Chinese, Chinese food for the Chinese food hater – that was a mouthful} and look what our my fortunes read?

{Because the Mr. doesn’t really like fortune cookies, this clearly meant both were really meant for me}

Since I put such little weight into these things … here’s my spin on how my hard work luck hit jackpot.

  • I hit jackpot on my goal of raising $8500 for Cancer Research!  Thanks to Heather for helping me to get up and over goal this morning!  (Side note: We’ll both be running this in a few weeks in support of Team Gab – her lovely daughter who was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2011).
  • I did not win the lottery last week, however I hit another jackpot on my tax return. Now the question is how to save spend it.  Furniture? Bills? Gifts for the Mr? Gifts for Myself? More Races? Vacation? Another Homie?
  • And if you read yesterday’s post, my fortunes as a winner and an “out-distancer”, clearly mean my heart is not going to be broken on Monday.
  • Now if I can only just win this, pretty please!

If you’re lucky enough to get one, what is your ideal way to spend your tax return? and how do you really spend it? 

{MF Dre}



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