The Sad, the Crazy and the Fun.


The sad, the crazy and the fun.

The Sad: My dear friend YogiKep is moving to Denver.  Can’t say I’m not just.a.smidge jealous!  My good friend T and I took her out Thursday night to this fantastic spot in the valley called The Local Peasant for Moscow Mules and our lest GNO gab sesh for a while.  The good news is that the Mr. and I LOVE the snow and Denver in general so dear friend, we’ll see you soon for a little of Skiing and Skating, Snowmobiling and Sleighride Dining.

The Crazy: Holy Cow, Monday is a high of 88* in Boston.

{insert favorite 4-letter word}

Marathon running at it’s best.  This morning I got this letter from the Boston Marathon.

Saturday, April 14, 2012 as of 11:30 a.m.

We are looking closely at the current weather situation which is projected to be quite warm. The B.A.A. is closely monitoring this situation for race day decisions. If the temperatures reach certain levels, running will put even the most fit athletes at risk for heat injury.
We are now making the recommendation that if you are not highly fit or if you have any underlying medical conditions (for example-cardiac disease, pulmonary disease or any of a number of medical problems), you should NOT run this race.
Inexperienced marathoners should not run.
Those who have only trained in a cooler climate and who may not be acclimated (for at least the last 10 days) to warm weather running conditions should also consider not running.
For those very fit athletes who decide to run, you should take significant precautions:

Run at a slower pace and maintain hydration.
You should frequently take breaks by walking instead of running.

This will not be a day to run a personal best.  If you choose to run, run safely above all else. Speed can kill.

OK then. Goals have been revised, significantly.

  1. Stay Hydrated
  2. Forget about Pace
  3. Finish
  4. HAVE FUN! and remember why I’m there…to Kick Cancer in the Face!

And the Fun:  My Barbie-in-Law and her bestie Alicia from In a Pinch are getting their pom-poms, cowbells and boas ready to be a part of the cheer squad on the course.  Can’t wait to see the two of them and LOVE that their will be extra-special friendly faces on the course.

I’m off to Boston. Wish me Luck.

{MF Dre}

  • Would you have taken the BAA up on their offer to defer your entry a year?
  • Any tips for working out in the heat?
  • Predictions on my final time?  (Don’t worry, it won’t put any pressure on me to meet them!)

5 thoughts on “The Sad, the Crazy and the Fun.

  1. Everyone is different, but for me, heat is my running kryptonite. I ran my first leg of ragnar in about 85-90 degrees (in Orange) and I blew up (like had to walk in a 4.3 mile leg). All I can say is from my experience, take it slow. That kind of heat with the late start it has, it simply isn’t worth being miserable or getting heat stroke to try to get a specific time goal under these conditions.

    Apparently throwing cold water on your head and back of your neck helps, according to another ragnar teammate that had to run 8 miles in like 80 degrees on day two last year.

    • Thanks Chacha! I’m going to pace myself to 9:30-10s tomorrow and see if I can run the whole thing a that pace. Slower than i want, but definitely the pace that will better get me to the finish! Can’t wait to do it and also can’t wait to hear about team SMCOL next weekend! xx


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