Off To Do My Victory Lap.


This City is Ready to Run.

While I was walking to the expo yesterday to pick up my bib, I heard HARD by Rihanna and in listening to the lyrics I had one of those “goose bumpy excited” moments and knew I was ready to tackle today.  This race is just a victory lap for all the training I’ve put in.

They can say whatever
I’ma do whatever
No pain is forever
Yup, you know this

Tougher than a lion
Ain’t no need in tryin’
I live where the sky ends
Yup, you know this…

I’m a rock this shit like fashion, as in
goin’ til they say stop
And my runway never looked so clear
But the hottest bitch in heels MF Dre in running shoes right here

No fear, and while you getting your cry on
I’m getting my fly on.
– Rihanna

Bring it Boston. I’ve brought my heart to the start and I’m off to run my 26.2 mile victory lap.

{MF Dre}

{Thanks Rihanna for the motivation}


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