I Call B-ogu-S.


Friday Mornings are usually my rest days – though this week I’ve been on what feels like perma-rest since Monday. I think I’m ready for that to be over now.

Anyway since I wasn’t high tailing it to get my pound on with the streets, the Mr. and I took the homies for a walk together this morning.

{Side note – this is rare.  Getting him out of bed before 7:45a is pretty much unheard of, but he woke up early with excitement and anticipation for his big weekend today.  More on that later}

So we’re walking. Coffee and Homies in hand and he mentions how D.T. the almond milk tastes in his coffee.

  Me: Yeah, its funny how you like Almond Milk since you’re allergic to nuts.  Weird, no? 

Mr.: I’m only allergic to peanuts, I just don’t really eat nuts – or Chocolate – because the same stuff that is in Peanut Oil is in pure Chocolate.

Me:  whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt?  are you CRAZY?  Peanuts and Pure Chocolate don’t have any of the same ingredients in them…in fact Peanuts are just PEANUTS and the Oil is extracted directly from them without additives.  And there is NO peanut oil in chocolate. 

I know it’s early… are you having a chicken of the sea moment?

and so this went on. and on. and on.

{and p.s. nowhere in this conversation was there any mention of a PB Chocolate combo – which I might have understood to be a problem…it was specifically the two individually because they had a similar ingredient in them}

Mr. you are a very smart man and I know sometimes we speak opposite languages.  I’m going to chalk your hazy-foggy-does-not-make-any-sense-at-all thinking up to a blonde moment since it was so darn early for you to be up, but for the record…

I’ll take the Early Morning Win.

{MF Dre}


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