Road Trip in Pictures {Briefly}.


I snuck away for a short little road trip to San Luis Obispo this weekend with a friend.

The Drive was Spectacular.  Nothing Beats California’s Central Coast in the springtime.

The Hotel was a combination of tacky and kitschy at its finest and I could not have loved it more for all of its oddness and interesting charm.

and the town of SLO was as sweet and nostalgic as could be.

{Or maybe I was just in sugar overload after stepping foot into Powells Sweet Shoppe}

and {Spoiler Alert} if you didn’t see the news here or here, I earned this race face medal.  Big Time. Details Coming.

How was your weekend?

{MF Dre}


5 thoughts on “Road Trip in Pictures {Briefly}.

  1. I feel like I’ve seen pics of that Inn on a few blogs lately- it has quite the following!
    Amazingly gorgeous pics. I might have to seriously consider fitting a West Coast trip into my life because it’s pretty stunning….

    • YES! The West Coast is gorgeous and there are so many crazy little spots like the Madonna Inn that are fun to check out! I highly encourage a trip to the west sometime…perhaps a runcation?


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