Gossip Girl Here.


Hey Upper East Siders, MF Dre here…. and I have the biggest news ever.

{Calm yourself, I’m just being dramatic}

Actually, while I’ve been holed up here this week

I’ve been waiting for three pieces of news and since I’m not good at keeping my own secrets, I’m going to have to let you in on the gossip.

1. Remember this little application? We’ll word came out yesterday and I’ve been selected as one of the alternates to join this talented team of amazing runners and ridiculously creative bloggers to run the Hood to Coast relay this August as part of Team AfterNuun Delight. SO FUN! Since reading all of the recaps from these girls after Ragnar Relay So Cal this past weekend, I’m dying to run a relay event and really hope that I’ll make the official team. (BIG HUGE GINORMOUS DISCLAIMER – Of course I mean this without wishing any harm or injury to any of the team! Only happy joyous things/life events that might require one of them to need an alt and make room on the official Nuun H2C team for me to run!)

I’ll be sharing more information as it comes and I’m thrilled to be a part of this group. Feel free to follow all of us along the journey – you will love these ladies! Dorothy put together a great list here

2. ING NYC Marathon. Sadly, running into the set-up of the event yesterday morning was the closest I got to running this year’s NYC Marathon. In all candor, I’m not that bummed. While it would have been awesome to do LA, Boston, Chicago and NY all in one year, I know that running back to back marathons is tough and a lot to ask of your body. Plus, I’ve got a bunch of other great races on the list this year that require focus. NYC and I will meet someday. I’m in no hurry.

3. One more piece of running-related gossipnews. Words out and as of this morning I will not be getting a Tiffany necklace either this year (at least not from the race).

Looks like I will be focusing hard core on Chicago Marathon in October without a bunch of other looming races. Probably a good thing mentally and physically!

Did you get in to NYC? Or Nike Women’s Marathon?

Any race/sport/activity on your bucket list?

{MF Dre}


4 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Here.

  1. Oh, where to begin with this post!? For starters, I will admit that I am disturbingly and unabashedly OBSESSED with Gossip Girl. Seriously, I love it. I should be so embarrassed by that, but I’m not. I’m way too old to like it, but I do. I (not so) secretly want to be rich, pretty, and skinny. 🙂 I’m so glad that you are an alternate for afterNUUN Delight!! I can’t wait to meet you! Bummer on not getting into the NYCM or NWM. A lot of my friends didn’t make it into either either. But, it sounds like you still have plenty of fun races in the works for the rest of this year, so focus on doing your best at those!! Good luck!


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