Kitchen Sink Chocolate Chip Cookies


It’s no secret I find therapy in baking and I’ve spent many an afternoon rolling, mixing, cooling and icing.  One of my absolute favorites is the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie.  However, while looking into the pantry today, I realized I was short on the amount of flour and semi-sweet chocolate chips needed.

So I got a little creative – Chocolate Chip Cookies – kitchen sink style – and came up with the perfect cookie recipe using a few ingredient modifications.  The result: a slight crispness on the outside, a chewy middle, a light graham cracker taste to the dough laced with the perfect amount of  semi-sweet and white chocolate.

 The results are everything I hoped for in the elusive chocolate chip cookie {and a great way to use up leftover graham crackers sitting in the cupboard}.

Do you have a favorite cookie? Link to the recipe in your comment!

{MF Dre}


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