Murphy’s Laws of Running.


I have had two pretty sweet days of unplanned running excellence in a row – Tuesday’s 10 miler included a slow warm up and cool down with 8 sweet miles averaging 8:07 in between.  Holy Fast for me.

Then yesterday I followed it up with 7 miles in under 55 minutes – 7:52 pace.


What is going on with these legs?  The past 6 weeks were filled with two marathons and a half marathon and while I still have a few things going on this month including the PCRF 10k on Sunday, the Revlon Run/Walk for Women 5k next weekend and the Fontana Half in early June,  I wanted to approach May without a plan.  To just run for the sake of running, to take each day as it comes and let my body dictate the course, the speed, and the effort.  I’ll be right back in the official training mix soon enough for Chicago in October so for a hot minute, I want to enjoy running ‘just because’.

So anyway, when I blew through these last two runs with pretty ginormous speed for me (If you follow me here, my weekday training runs are generally 8:30-8:45’s) without really too much effort, I was a bit taken aback.

{actually I might have said WTF, why now??}

It must be Murphy’s Law that when I’m not training for something and trying to be speedy, I’m all of a sudden fast but when I’ve put it out into the universe that I’m going to dominate (and go Sub-4), things don’t necessarily go according to plan. (hint hint LA Marathon).

Or maybe I’m just becoming a better runner.

And then I saw this list of Murphy’s Law for Runners.

We’re.just.plain.screwed – aren’t we??

Kidding.  Of Course.  But how many of these have been true for you at some point in your training?

I counted 8/13.

Any other ones that you encounter?

{MF Dre}


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