My First DNS


This morning marked my first DNS
as in


I was supposed to meet up a bunch of friends to run in the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation races in Irvine today in support of Team Gab, so I laid out all my gear for an early morning last night.

But when the 5am alarm clock went off, I wasn’t in any shape to go.

An impromptu poolside Cinco de Mayo pool party seeeeeemed like a good idea yesterday

my “this is a genius idea” face

 At 5a I realized that my genius idea ego was once again too big -nope – I’m not genius at all.

I actually felt fine last night going to bed – it was even responsibly early – 9:30p!

Despite a few cocktails throughout the day, I had – what I felt like – over-hydrated on water – and had a full stomach of tacos, guacamole etc. but perhaps that last cocktail combined with a day in the sun caught up with me because at 5am, I felt tipsy and stumbly as I made my way out of bed.

Haven’t had that feeling in a loooooong time.

So I hit snooze for 30 minutes to give myself an opportunity for a second check in before eventually calling PCRF race off.

I’m bummed because I was looking forward to running this race.  I haven’t done a 10k in a really long time so I was curious to see how I fared with the distance and what my speedy mile threshold really is. I also was really hoping to connect and catch up with a few of my favorite running bloggers and friends –  Heather, Monica, Chacha, Sarah, Pam and Noelle and be there in person to support Team Gab.

Sounds like my bed had bigger plans for me including a super leisurely morning …

{Yes, I’m still in bed – typing this, drinking a cup of coffee and [side note for those worried] feeling perfectly fine}

Go Figure.

Since my race clothes are still laid out and ready, I guess I better not make another DNS excuse today.

I’m off to get my 10k on.

{MF Dre}



3 thoughts on “My First DNS

  1. When I mentioned your tweet about DNS to Monica while we were in the start chute, she called it on the Cinco de Mayo Saturday turned to Sunday hangover. Hehehe, well at least you had fun and you’re going to get your 6.2 in anyway. I was goign to run some more today after the half, but that dang uphill finish course wiped me out.


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