Lulu Addiction.



yep. totally. addicted. to. lululemon.


lulu lulu lulu lulu lulu lulu lulu lulu.

{yes, so maybe I’m not the most active pinner, but lulu does have it’s own board on my pinwall}

Last night I tried something new at lulu – and this time it wasn’t a new pair of crops or a skirt – well maybe that too, but I really went to join the lovely group at lululemon in Brentwood for a 30/30 run and pilates class.

I didn’t quite factor in Obamajam 2012 – part 2 (for those counting how many times traffic has been beyond hideous due to his travel) would interrupt me getting back to the Westside and I wasn’t successful in beating the “jam” so I missed the running part.  Luckily though, I got home with about 3 minutes to spare before the pilates 30 began.  So I hoofed it and made it down the block just in time for class.

It was a perfect night so we took the mats outside and this girl took us through 30 minutes of abs, hips, back, glutes, hamstring and quads leaving me limber and maybe a smidge sore today.  TRUTH: For the exercises that seemed so elementary to this marathon runner,  my hips don’t lie – looks like I probably have a thing or two to learn about fitness and flexibility. whoops.

I wonder what all the people walking by us on the street thought of us crazies?

The class was amazing – the instructor was quick to get us into working out without too much set up and chatter (love that) and was able to personalize each of the moves based on our individual flexibility and bodies.  I loved it – a lot  – and I’m kinda.thinking.wondering.hoping.musing that I should probably do a bit more of this thing called pilates more often.

EVEN BETTER?  It was free. f.r.e.e. free.

{so free that it justified walking home with another lulu bag in hand. duh}

{MF Dre}

p.s. – all photos except the last courtesy of this girl and lululemon brentwood


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