Milestone Monday. {whoops}


looks like I forgot to hit publish on this post yesterday.

goals goals goals. where am I.

102 miles from the half way point of my running goal for the year.  Boom.  By June 1st, I should be there – a month ahead of schedule.  Looks like I’m going to have one heck of a kick back month at some point along the way!

Sub-4 – Chicago is Redemption time.  I have found a fantastic new running partner and we’ve started casually training/running together.  Best part about it is that not only are we both aiming for that elusive sub-4 (actually a good chunk below 4, we’re both fixated on trying to stay limber, so we’ve been pretty much constants at Saturday YogaHop classes the past 2 months and then hitting the pavement Sunday morning.  {ps- don’t forget, I also got in a Pilates class last week!}  I’ve never had a consistent running partner and in this case, we really only have the weekends together, but so far I’m loving the discipline, the commitment and the fact that I cannot wuss out on hills – no way.  We run them together.  all.the.way.

1:47 Half – Fontana Half Mary is coming up on June 2.  This course is pretty much downhill to flat.  I’m going to push for it. I got a 1:51 in SLO and that was with a port-o-potty break and some decent hills.  I am confident I am capable…

that is, if this dumb muscle decides to release.

My inner quad is tighter than a guitar string right now and I think it may be the root cause of my wonky-ness in my knee lately so I’ve been foam rolling and placing trigger point pressure on it with a tennis ball – holy holy painful – to try to release it.

Still trying to DO MORE GOOD!  If you didn’t read my post on Sam’s blog last week on how I run Naked, there will be more opportunities for a discount this week for the Naked Foot 5K races.  And just this past Saturday I did more good by raising more money for Cancer Research at the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women.  Recap to follow.  I love putting my mind, my money and my running towards places and causes that matter – particularly the fight to kick cancer in the face where this year alone I’ve raised/donated almost $10K to fight cancer.

Beyond fitness {and a crazytown work schedule}, I’m trying to read and do other things…

This has been staring me in the face for the last month.  Not sure why I have not stopped everything to read what everyone is terming suburban mom porn, but since I’m hardly suburban and definitely not a mom yet,  I’ve haven’t really had the time or the energy to dive into the trend.  We’ll see if I break it open or if it collects dust.

How are you doing against your goals?

Have you read 50 Shades of Grey yet?  Can I wait or must I read it right.this.second?

{MF Dre}


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