Monkeying Around.


Wide awake {per usual lately} at 5:30am

what do you do at 5:30am?

Typically I would head out to run and/or invite the homies for a total homie domination on the bed.

But at 5:30am, I know better than to disturb a sleeping Mr.  That might mean all out war – or just

I had already planned to run the humps tonight.  {Hump day was redefined last week in case you missed it}.

So instead of laying in bed like a normal person might do and trying to maybe snooze a bit, I got up.  I made lunches. I cleaned the house. I walked the dogs. Oh and I might have made a little sweet breakfast something….from scratch.

Yes, the mixing, dough rising, rolling, kneading, kind.of.scratch.


yes, please. yes, pretty please. yes, pretty effin please.

There’s a much simpler way to make this involving canned biscuits, but at 5:30am simple also has to be redefined.   Working with what you have vs. having to go to the grocery store to buy 4 cans of biscuits is by far the simpler option.

{as simple as taking pictures becomes when the sun is up – amazing what light does for photos}

Certainly not the kale infused smoothie I made last hump day.

Hey, balance is everything.

{MF Dre}



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