Not-So-Stepford Friends.


I am headed down on the train to San Diego for the weekend to spend time with this girl.

We met freshman year of college as we werevery skepticallyapproaching sorority life at the University of Michigan.  We spent the first few months commiserating on how much we didn’t want to be a part of the songs, the dances, the forced social obligations and a crew of women that were so unbelievably smiley and happy.

{not that we weren’t happy and smiley, but the experience  felt a bit stepford}

Nonetheless we stuck with it and came to like it – not for the silly songs, the garish{in my opinion}rush process, founder’s day ceremonies and Monday meetings, but for the support, the friendships, the incessant laughter, the pranks, the stories and a pretty sweet house on the hill that beat living in the dorms any day of the week.

And…gasp…16 years later, we remain the best of friends and have had an army of un-stepford-like adventures together over the years.

I’ve prepared my abs all week with loads of crunches in attempt to handle the non-stop laughter, I’ve rested my legs for what will undoubtedly turn into a double-digit mileage run along the beachbecause when we have as much as we do to talk about, we’ll either get lost or somehow forget how long we’ve been running,and I’ve packed a bag full of clothes to support just about any adventure we might take on.

{MF Dre}


5 thoughts on “Not-So-Stepford Friends.

  1. Katie fife

    Really wishing I was going to be catching up with my long lost (no exag) sistas this wknd;( have so much fun gals!! I’m off to Iowa for antes wedding. Xoxo

  2. Anonymous

    Love this post. If I were half as talented with words I would have written something similar about Jamie Armitage. Has me thinking how special skrappa connections are. Have a great weekend. If you two would like to add a Hawaii photo to collection I would love to have both of you visit.


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