Memorial Day Weekend


Our weekend was full.  Really full.

Traditionally we head up to Lake Arrowhead over Memorial Day weekend with the Mr’s family/friends to open up their cabin in Lake Arrowhead.  This involves raking, cleaning the grounds and usually some sort of home improvement project – not exactly the most fun way to spend your weekend, but honestly, once this is done, it is so nice to be away from the city, have no cell phone reception or access to technology and head out on long hikes, rock climbs and play board games in the cabin.

This year our schedules collided a bit – the Mr. had quite a bit of work over at the shop and I had some work conflicts – namely these – so we had to skip Arrowhead.  Luckily, we were able to get most of our “to do’s” done so that we could spend the first ‘unofficial’ day of summer at the beach yesterday.

We filled the cooler with snacks and hydration and spent what was arguably the quintessential LA beach day catching some rays and getting down and dirty in the sand.

Volleyball people.


I hadn’t played in years – easily 15 – and I was honestly surprised that I had any game at all.  Turns out that when we went to play 2 on 2,  the Mr. {who’s really good btw} wanted me on his team. Not because he felt sorry for me or felt obligated…We’re way past that stage.  Nope, because he wanted to win.  Duh.

Hammer time.

Meanwhile, a funny thing happened.  Somehow in the hydration part of volleyball recovery, we lost the bottle opener for the Sodas.  {You know we.would.never imbibe publicly on a beach}

Anyway, about 25 minutes later, I found it… just like that little frog that used to be at the bottom of my hot chocolate mug.

Silly me to think the Mr. had so nicely added a lime to my margarita soda.

Once all that ice started to melt, turns out it wasn’t a lime…

Cheers. Let’s Have Another!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

{MF Dre}


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