Just Do It.



I found something I think you’re going to like. Big Time.

The Nike Training Club app is where it’s at.

You know by now I’m a runner – an obsessive, compulsive, crazy, fanatical runner – no, not me, that’s you’re other friend. Anyway, I’ve been looking for ways to supplement my running with a little strength training.  I certainly consider my weekly YogaHop classes an opportunity to build strength, but I’m not much of a weight lifter and I’m pretty lazy about doing abdominal work.  Since it’s a fact that having a strong core and strength training reduces your risk of injury and makes you a better and stronger runner – I.have.goals.people – I am confident I need to do more.

Enter Nike Training Club – the first fitness club I’ve joined that’s FREE free. Seriously – no paying to park, no paying for a towel, no paying for water, no paying per class.  OK so you may have to buy a medicine ball or a small set of hand weights if you don’t own them.  Still, for me, better than a monthly gym membership to a gym I’ll rarely never go to.

Just head on over to the app store and it’s yours for less than that penny filling the void in your wallet.

Here’s what’s great about it – they do the work for you.  Well not the actual work, but the thinking and planning and coaching part.  All you need to do is choose your LEVEL and your GOAL.

Then you’re served with a myriad of different options in 15, 30 and 45 minute programs.  Set the music to your own playlist and you’re then coached through the workout by a trainer who offers you motivation, time tracking, tips and more!

In the last week, I’ve done 3 different GET FOCUSED workouts after my runs.

  • Ab Burner (did this one 2x already):  Toe Touches, Russian Twists, Planks, Side Planks & Crazy Ivans
  • Arm Definer:  Arm Curls, Medicine Ball Push Ups, Tricep Push Ups, Sumo Squats with Press & Plank Rows
  • Core Crunch: V-Ups, Extensions, Suitcases, Side Planks, Frogger with Swivels & Supermans

Not sure what any of these exercises are?  Yeah, I wasn’t either.

Nike Training Club also provides you with videos to show you how it’s done.  {– the clock stops while the video is on so there’s no cheating on time –}

With each workout completed, you earn points towards rewards.  The more you train, the more you get.  Now I can’t speak for more than 60 minutes worth of rewards points, but I hit the 60 minute reward yesterday — now I’ve got 5 new Power Smoothie Recipes to test out!

So what’s the verdict??  Just Do It. Download.It.Now.

It’s a great easy addition to your workout regime.  Use it everyday, use it when you have just enough time to squeeze a quick workout in, use it when you’re on the road and in a hotel gym, use it when you need that motivation to work a little bit harder.

Promise you’ll love it.

{MF Dre}


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