No Shades of Gray in May.


Despite 50 Shades of Gray being in my dirty little hands since the end of April, in one month I’ve barely cracked it open…less than 2 chapters to be exact.  I feel like I know the said steamy story without reading it and it’s lost all appeal.  It’s kind of like eating cold oatmeal – no steam, no interest, just brain-like mush.

Should I feel like a failure for a) not being on top of the trend? or b) failing on reading — miserably.

As a marketer it’s pretty important that I’m aware and versed on what’s current and relevant but I’m holding steady on the latter… while the book may currently be setting suburban housewives on fire, I should probably find a new book to light my mind on fire. Suggestions welcome.

Looking back, May really didn’t really bring any Gray.

I celebrated “just because

I celebrated this lady

I celebrated the tatas

I went to DT heaven

I redefined Hump Day

I had a not-so-stepford weekend with this girl

I made my first and second vlogs!

I hosted a NAKED giveaway {today’s the last day to enter}


I got down and dirty with the boys of summer (yes, the same boy as last summer and next summer and ever and ever, ok ok)

May was about 50 shades brighter than Gray.

{MF Dre}


4 thoughts on “No Shades of Gray in May.

  1. Rachael @ Ready To Get Sweaty

    I am SO with you on your feelings about 50 shades. I didn’t really enjoy it all that much and my coworkers have been giving me hell for it – oh well – to each their own, right?! Right. I’m currently reading Born to Run, which I know you already read ;). Sounds like you had a fantastic month of April!

    • i actually HAVEN’T read born to run – and cannot believe it. It has been one of those books I have known I wanted and should read but somehow it hasn’t made the nightstand. Thank you for pushing me to hit BUY on amazon just now 🙂

  2. readytogetsweaty

    Oh glad you just bought it. The cute waiter (swoon) when we had brunch mentioned the clinic, its in the first few chapters, so I had assumed you already read it. Enjoy it, its wonderful 🙂


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