F-it Friday.


The Mr. and I have a little saying in our house come Fridays….

F-it Friday.

It kind of says it all.  Sort of like this picture that was sent to me today.

Can I get an A-men? {and while I’m at it — sorry to all of you gosh-darnit-ers}

But really, today is not F-it Friday.  The F’s matter today.

  • Like young Fanboys and Fangirls.   We’re launching a kind-of-a-big-deal show next Thursday so it’s all light discs on deck until then.
  • Like Fontana. Whoops in my little RTO this week did I forget to mention that I’m running a half mary tomorrow out in Fontuckyana? Guess when I’m not running, my brain also takes a week off.  I’m feeling mentally unprepared for tomorrow. Time to Focus.

  • Like Fun. It’s going to be a good weekend.  From Fontana to the real Fontuky for the Porsche Owners Club Race to Fish Tacos by the sea. We’re putting the F in Fun.
  • Like Naked Feet. And the winners of the FREE entries into the Naked Foot 5k. Here are the 8 winners!

Winners, please email me at themfdre at gmail.com or use the mail box icon on the right!  Please let me know which race you’d like to attend and we’ll coordinate details from there.  If I don’t hear back from you by June 5th I will pick alternate winners.

Have a F-antastic rest of your Friday.

{MF Dre}


8 thoughts on “F-it Friday.

  1. Have fun busting out a half PR at Fontana (it’s practically impossible not to). Not a single net uphill for any of the 13 miles. All down.

    And don’t go balls out in the beginning – your quads may revolt the last few miles. Ease into it.

    Also you WILL be sore on Sunday. It’s a guarantee.

  2. “Fuck this shit o’clock”… i live in that time zone. Just wish it weren’t just in my head 😛 LOL

    Hope your race was OUTstanding!!!!

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