DT Alert: Officially in the Know.


We spent Sunday afternoon downtown in the jewelry district and had about 30 minutes to spare before our appointment.  We stumbled upon Bottega Louie – a restaurant I’ve always wanted to try.  Part restaurant – part gourmet market,  Bottega Louie boats an impressive Italian menu, an urban-sophisticate crowd, grand portions, an exquisite French Patisserie and palatial ceilings, all of which creates an ambiance that those.in.the.know flock in droves on regular occasion.

{consider us now officially in.the.know}

 We stepped into the cafe and were immediately seduced by the stunning and delectable dessert cases and swiftly decided it was time for an afternoon snack.

Coffee and Chocolate Eclair for the Mr.

Iced Coffee paired with Pistachio and Salted Caramel French Macaroons for me.

{these might be my favorite.cookies.ever.ever}

Our brief trip to the patisserie only further seduced us to quickly return downtown so that we may indulge in the famed Portobello Fries, Burrata and Prosciutto Parma Pizza and Lemon Ricotta Pancakes.

Desserts alone – consider Bottega Louie officially added to the D.T. list.

{MF Dre}

P.S. I am on the hunt for an easy to perfect French Macaroon recipe.  Suggestions welcome!

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