Summer’s here {almost officially but it feels like for real now}.

It’s HOT and somehow I didn’t properly think through that I’d be training for Chicago in the dead of the summer.

Smart.  Really Smart.

It seems like everyone around me is in major “beach body” mode and scouring Fitness and Health magazines for the best tips on how to get slim fast. You too?   What you’re probably also seeing is article after article about the importance of hydration and the dangers of dehydration.

I face this challenge big time. Given all my activity and the So Cal heat, it’s hard to stay perfectly hydrated.  I’ll admit that Mid-Week it’s easier since most of my running is done between 6-730am before the prime heatzone, but on Sundays – long run Sundays – I am pretty much screwed.  Not only because my running partner has decided that she is going to continue to torture me with outrageous hills – but also because Sunday duals as Beach Volleyball Sunday.

So I literally go from Run to Beach or some days I Run to the Beach 

 I’m a total sweaty, salty, sandy, sunscreen-y, dehydrated wreck at end of this.

And the only the only common need at this point is water – to beat the heat, to wash off the nastiness and to re-hydrate.

{Insert: Ocean-Shower-Re-hydration Plan}

Step 1: Run into the ocean. Disregard completely how bloody cold it’s going to be and consider it a dual purpose rinse and ice-bath.  Two birds, one stone.

Step 2: Shower – yes, not the nice, fancy soap, shampoos and loofah shower.  Beach showers somehow still leave you sandy and dirty, but just close your eyes and pretend that you’re standing next to Gilles Marini in Sex and the City: the Movie and it makes the outdoor shower thing a whole lot better.

Step 3: Start nuun-ing. Pink Lemonade, Lemon + Lime, Tropical, Tri-Berry, Orange, Grape, Kona Cola – bring the electrolytes on!

Since I started running and racing heavily, nuun quickly rose to the top of my hydration list – it is packed with electrolytes and has a light refreshing flavor without any added sugar or carbohydrates.  Plus, nuun is a quick dissolving tablet so it is portable – I pretty much carry a tube in my car, my desk and in my purse at all times.

For those of you who swear by Gatorade, G2 or Powerade- I did too until I learned this little factoid.

Electrolytes are commonly found in sports drinks, such as Gatorade. However, what many of us don’t realize is that the speed of absorption of fluids into the body is largely dependent upon the composition of the fluid in terms of its carbohydrate (sugar), sodium (salt), and potassium concentrations. Thus, the higher the carbohydrate content, the slower the absorption rate. Check that label on the side of your sports drink.  Chances are it’s filled with that evil carb –  sugar. – Runners World

Whatever your “beach body” plan is this summer, make sure you also have a get hydrated plan as well so that you properly fuel your muscles, avoid cramps, aid your body in cooling off and help you recover faster.

If you’re interested in trying nuun, you can order here and feel free to use the promo code bloggerslovenuun for 15% off

{MF Dre}


2 thoughts on “Dehydration-Rehydration.

  1. Ooh, thanks for the discount code! I’ve only tried the High5 electrolyte tabs, but have heard good things about the Nuun ones too. I’ll give them a go


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