Milestone Monday.


Milestone Monday and I’ve hit a milestone training low.

I’m currently running the lowest weekly mileage I’ve run in months — and P.S. I am supposed to be training for Chicago Marathon.

whaaaaaat?  how’s that working for you?

  Truth is, I still am, but this time around, I’m trying something new.

Running Less and Running Faster.

When I trained for Los Angeles and Boston I ran all.the.time – like 6-7 days a week – and I LOVED it.  I had some speedy days in the training cycle, but for the most part, my pace didn’t improve much at all over the course of my training – I built up a solid — but not totally bonk-proof — 26.2 mile endurance level.

As I gear up for my third full marathon, I have a sub-4 goal to hit.  (One that I missed by 18 minutes in LA and one that was thrown out when Boston temperatures reached melt-down level). As I’ve re-evaluated what worked and what didn’t in those training plans, I recognize that I still have a lot to learn about Marathons and how I train.  What I am starting to consider (albeit difficult to admit that I didn’t have it all right from the start…) is that perhaps I was running too much and on tired legs more often than rested legs – leaving me somewhat powerless to push on pace, tempos, hills and sprints.

I’m finally wising up to the idea that rest is just as important a part of my training as running — and with the proper rest, I can run faster. 4 runs a week, max.  Case in point – last Tuesday I ran 3 miles in 22 minutes (7:29 pace).  Wednesday I ran 5 miles with an average 8:16 pace and Sunday I ran 9 LSD (Long Slow Distance) miles at an easy pace of 8:51 (I’ll admit I had a pretty crappy run Friday morning).  Yet, ALL of those times are 10s of seconds faster than the majority of the times I was putting up while training for LA and Boston.

By resting and running on fresh legs, I’m able to push my pace and coach myself to run stronger and faster.

I might be on to something. finally. I’m still keeping track of things over here on daily mile – feel free to follow along and see how I’m doing.

This week this girl is hosting virtual a 5k and 10k with a TON of great prizes.  If you’re looking for a good reason to get out and run {and maybe test your pace a bit, sign up and join the group!

{MF Dre}


6 thoughts on “Milestone Monday.

  1. In hope this works great for you and you get your sub 4. I found it so hard to rest. I run 6 days a week and I now realize that it is true that rest is important. running on tired legs is not bringing the pace down and in my case it is now bringing some aches and pain I did not have before…it may be my age also…I dont know..! I have decided that 4 days in a row is now my max. I have cheated that recently and I am now paying for it. I need to embrace cross training more.
    thank you for the tip for the pictures. I will look into that!!
    the skirt: Sports Authority. The have it online at $19.97 also.


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