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Last week I was invited to take a few classes at the new training studio Dynamic You in West LA. I love trying out new gyms and classes so of course it was a yes for me.

 Dynamic You’s mission is to offer group exercise classes that focus on individual goals – bringing a personal training mindset to a group forum.   Simplifying Your Fitness. So while you’re sweating and kicking butt next to others, the instructors are also consciously aware of your personal goals and physical challenges so that they can adapt, adjust, monitor or push you harder through those moments to maximize the workout that you as an individual are getting.

Also, in order to achieve this, Dynamic You limits their classes to 10-14 clients per class so that they can provide that individual focus and attention.

Dynamic You offers both group classes and private training.  Classes include Kettlebells + TRX, Zumba, Boot Camp, Yoga, Beach Body Toning and NIKE Training Club.   If you read this, you know that I’ve recently become a huge fan of NIKE Training Club and have been doing it on my own, guided by the app, but I was really curious to see what an hour of instructor-led NTC would be like.

  Dynamic You has an easy to use website to sign up for classes.

{Side note, I heard a funny story the other day about some rabid spinning fans in their 60’s and 70’s who’ve been accustomed to waiting outside the spin room at their local gym for up to 30 minutes before class to claim “their bike”.  Then the gym converted to online sign up for classes and it caused a complete and total meltdown for some of these members who had never conceived of the idea of having a computer dictate which bike they were going to ride… Sometimes I take the fact that I’m a digital native for granted}.

I arrived to Dynamic You about 15 minutes early and watched the end of a TRX training session. While I waited, I chatted it up with the staff who were super friendly and really helpful.  It was clear that they were not just selling sweat to the sweat enthusiast.  We talked about the fact that I am a runner and about some of my past injuries, strengths (endurance, power, high energy) and weaknesses (speed, flexibility, quick twitch muscles).

{This woman was killing it and made my 50 push up limit seem measly and extra weak}

I snapped a few photos of the room, the equipment and TRX torture straps hanging down from the ceiling and wondered my fate now that I’d disclosed what I was good at and not so good at…

Lucky for me, no photos were snapped as I spent the next 60 minutes running, jumping, lunging, planking, dead-lifting, plank walking, ski jumping, leaping, crunching, frogging, squatting, curling, climbing, superman-ing, kicking and finally stretching – all the while sweating my tail off. Each exercise was a minute to two-minute interval and there was no down time in between.  As the instructor demonstrated a new move, I was on my toes, running, jumping or boxing in place — actively recovering.

Lucky for me – and my weakness disclosure – the instructor, Donna, put my hips through the ringer, tweaking my movements to improve both mobility and power and she upped the ante during froggers – speed froggers!

 Aside from yoga, I’ve never been overly keen to group fitness classes.  I’ve always preferred to work out alone.  That said, when it comes to strength training, I’m not that great at pushing myself doing it at all.  The NTC class at Dynamic You was AWESOME and if it hadn’t been for my crazy nutty schedule this last week (and stupid LA traffic trying to get back towards my house and Dynamic You), I would have already been back 3 more times.

So, since my Chicago Marathon training plan only calls for 6 miles this Sunday, I’ve signed up for the Dynamic Core: Kettlebells + TRX class after my run to test out those torture straps!  Who want’s to join me? First person to commit – I will TREAT you to a class at 11am this Sunday with me! Leave a comment below and let me know if you’re interested.

Also, for LA RESIDENTS ONLY, I’m also giving away 1 week of free classes plus $30 off any future class or package.

To enter, leave a comment below on which class you’d most like to try out at Dynamic You. 

Winner will be picked on Monday, June 25th.

Also if you’re interested in learning more about Dynamic You, check out their website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter – they have some great tips on staying healthy, active and fit!

{MF Dre}



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