My New Ride(s).


Last Sunday we took the homies to the Rodeo Drive Concours D’Elegance.

{that’s Beverly Hills fancy for car show}.

The car show is an annual Father´s Day event in BH so I thought it would be a good way to break the news to the Mr…. lucky for everyone, he is most certainly not a father — except to two adorable adopted mutts.


Rodeo Drive was lined with vintage and racing cars and motorcycles – Bentley, Jaguar, Lotus, McLaren, Rolls, Triumph and some crazy Hot Rod Nash below — it was pretty ridiculous — maybe not quite as ridiculous as the people in BH, but close.

Here are a few of my favs

{this was the car that Grace Kelly and Cary Grant drove in this movie}

{This brings the term road rage to a whole new level}

I told the Mr. it was time to find my new ride(s).

I picked an Orange 1960’s Morris Convertible, a 1941 Chevy Pickup and a 1967 Rickman Mattisse 500 C.C. Matchless bike. I want them all, please – especially the bike.

and then these two told me I was smoking something crazy.

Dare to Dream.

I didn’t know a thing about cars–and quite frankly, didn’t care–until I met the Mr.  Since he’s all cars all the time, it was either buckle up or get run over.

{Sometimes I’m certain that he likes cars more than me – he says it’s a tie}

I’ve learned a lot about cars in the last few years and while I still glaze over when it comes to the technical aspects, I’ve taken a huge appreciation for the styling and detail of them – case in point on my 3 choices…I’m guessing none of them are exceptionally fast (maybe the bike because it has some extra fancy 500 C.C. title to it), but each of them has a detail that you miss in today’s cars which are all starting to look alike.

Anyway, he’s off to the race track this morning and I’ve got the weekend to myself.  Bring on the  Manicures, Wedding Planning, Wine, Girlfriends, Running, Yoga and Fun!

If you could drive anything – new or old- what would it be?

PS – still time to enter my Dynamic You giveaway AND I ran this 5k on Tuesday in 23:59 (avg. 7:50 pace!)

{MF Dre}


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