IX Things Sports Taught Me


40 years ago Title IX opened up the doors for Women and Girls. Best known for breaking down the barriers in athletics and sports, Title IX also opened the doors for women in education.  While the spirit of Title IX certainly has extended beyond borders,  its enactment as law was limited to the United States – without official extensions beyond our borders.

On this 40th year, the women of Saudi Arabia will finally have the rights to participate in the Olympics.

Progress is still being made and unfortunately title IX is not a global right.

As a child, my first love was sports.  From the soccer field, to the pool, to the courts, my favorite memories lived within the rush of the win, the whip of the net as the ball hit the back of it, the reach of the two hand finish, the thrill of the ace, the fierceness of the competition, the sting of the all-too-excited high-five and the camaraderie of team.  Through sports, I discovered IX things about who I was and who I was meant to be.

Determined, capable, intuitive, strong, empowered, spirited, enduring, ambitious and emotional.

Sports pushed me to set goals, push limits, dream large and persevere.

Today Nike released an ad celebrating and spotlighting some of the women who persevered through the harsh realities of this game-changing legislation.

 “Voices” reflects on some of the challenges these incredible athletes have faced on their journeys to greatness, and celebrates the passion, commitment and strength of female athletes everywhere to be the best at what they do. As the film progresses, the voices of these athletes are embraced by young girls who embody the spirit of women in sport of the future, adopting the same “play by your own rules” attitude that Lisa, Joan, Marlen and Diana exemplify. An attitude that will inspire the next generation of female athletes. – Nike

My life is a tribute to playing by my own rules.

Is Yours?

{MF Dre}



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