They Ran Naked!


Remember when I posted this awesome giveaway?

The Naked Foot DC race was this past weekend and I am seriously getting so excited for the October race in Santa Barbara.  It’s definitely not a race-race in the sense that you have these crazy agro runners {ahem, me} vying for a spot in the corrals – the Naked Foot 5k celebrates running without focusing on the miles, Garmins and timing chips.

Have a look!


 non-runners – admit it, you know you think this kinda sorta looks like fun too.

Anyway, Katherine and Miss Zippy both won entries as part of my giveaway – you should head on over to their blogs for their full recap. SPOILER ALERT – Katharine placed! and Miss Zippy ran the whole thing Barefoot!

If you live in one of these cities, or nearby, you should consider signing up – and bring your family too!

  • Denver – July 21
  • Minneapolis – July 26
  • Grand Rapids – July 29
  • Nashville – September 15
  • Seattle – September 29
  • Austin – October 6
  • Santa Barbara – October 27** join me here!

Don’t forget to use the discount code RUNNAKED12 to get $5 off your registration!

{MF Dre}



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