Since we got engaged, I’ve received a lot of comments and questions as to what my ring looks like and why my left hand has  been strategically cut out of photos.  Funny that’s how it was perceived!  {and quite untrue} I actually just got my ring(s) about 2 weeks ago.

From the moment we started talking about wedding and rings, we knew we wanted to design something together — and that we would do so after we got engaged.  I’ve never really been the girl to imagine my wedding or my ring.  Over the years and countless conversations with girlfriends, I tried to pinpoint exactly what I ‘hoped’ for in a ring, but always came up a little shy – and wound up pairing something with a band I loved vs. starting with the engagement ring.  The reality is, though there are many rings I find to be absolutely exquisite, I don’t think I ever pictured myself with the proverbial “rock”.  With my active lifestyle and more relaxed, casual style, it was hard for me to imagine myself wearing anything other than a wedding band on most occasions.

So we went against the grain.

Brushed and Hammered Gold Eternity Band x 2.


One for now. Two stacked when we’re married.

I know I am completely and totally biased, but I think they’re the prettiest rings ever and I could not be happier with them!


About a week after we got engaged, we headed downtown to the jewelry district to visit Cedrick our jeweler and a friend of the Mr.’s. I gave him some insight into some of the things I loved and the things I really didn’t think I wanted – namely mounted, platinum or anything too ostentatious.  I wanted something that could roll with my life and that was classic yet slightly designed so that it would feel original to us. The Mr. also shared his preferences – something that had some life to it, not too polished or predictable.  Cedrick also asked a lot of questions about my life, my style, my inspirations, and what we consider beautiful – all as fuel for his artistic process.

Despite my preference for a band, we entertained the idea of something mounted with some of his custom molds


as well as the idea of alternate stones like Smoky Topaz and Ruby.


but in the end, went with something inspired by these two.

I’ll admit, the process of going blind into designing a ring is a bit of an adventure.  We didn’t have a picture to serve as an ‘exact’ roadmap.  We had no idea how to describe how brushed or how hammered to make the ring.  Cedrick suggested slightly different diamonds than we originally picked – I questioned if they’d be too much??  In the end, we realized that as an artist, Cedrick already had a vision and didn’t need us to over-manage or over articulate ourselves.

When Cedrick showed up to deliver the rings, I couldn’t help but wonder how the Mr. and I would react. Would we love them? Like them? or would we have a moment where we didn’t know how to react? 


Hardly. There was a moment where we were silent as we adjusted to the surprise, but as I put them on, we LOVED them.

{and the way the sunlight hit them as I took the first picture}

I’ve got one on now and I’m sooo tempted by the other, but we’re saving that one for when the Mr. also dons his soon-to-be designed ring.

3 more months!

{MF Dre}


Day 3; Flash Back.


Hump day.
Day 3.

Sooooooo it’s going well in that doe-eyed, fresh and blurry at the same time kind of way.


But maybe better to recap in a few days, after my head stops spinning.

So looking back here’s the best of the last few weeks.

Watching theMFDad kick some tail

4th of July Racing and a VERY necessary head check

Putting together my #FitFluential Fitness Bucket List and now getting to watch Kerri Walsh in the Olympics for even more beach volleyball inspiration

Meeting Lorna Jane and reading her completely and totally inspiring book.

A Single-hood Send-off at the Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northern Michigan

{another} Single-hood Send-Off – Bachelor-Bachelor style.


Toasting to BIG changes!


Announcing my Bridal Party


and our adventures in Jewelry Design!

July was just kinda.sorta.busy. and ridiculously fun.

{MF Dre}

Milestone Monday.


New Week. New Job.

New adventure. New challenges. New team. New brand. New properties. New office.


New pretty much everything {including some new wardrobe additions I may have indulged in this weekend}.

Let’s do this.

{MF Dre}

My Golden Girls.






Our wedding is in 3 months and I am so excited to be surrounded by so much love from all of our favorite people in one place. Thus far, the planning process has been a tremendous amount of fun – visiting, chatting, exploring, designing, creating, tasting…  While I may be speaking a bit too soon, I haven’t really felt an ounce of stress in the process. {please don’t let me be a bridezilla, please don’t let me be a bridezilla, please don’t…}.   

The Mr. and I have fairly specific taste and opinions about what we’re looking for in the evening so we haven’t been that fickle or indecisive in the process.  Certainly it’s probably fair to say that our planning and vision for the wedding is reflective of our life together – laid back, inviting, intimate, creative, adventurous and centered around love.

As we thought about the friends we wanted to stand beside us, there was little, if any, discussion.  We rattled off each others list without pause.  With a small sneak into a piece of our wedding, I sent each of these women a small package asking them to be a part of our day centered a theme of Gold.


bright, pure, brilliant, luster,

highly sought after, valuable, timeless

To me, each of these women is pure Gold.   These words – brilliant, valuable, highly sought after –  ring true of the women they are and the friendships we share.  I’ve picked a photo of one of many favorite moments I’ve had with each of them over the years.


{my sister, Kik, and I a few years back hitting the trails in Aspen during a “sisters weekend”}


{my barbie-in-law and I taking a break on the ice after our Blades of Glory performance this past January in Colorado}

Untitled{My friend, nicknamed Toppers – after an old bar we used to haunt, after finishing our second race together}


{my “sister-from-another-mother” and my first friend in LA 20+ years ago, as I surprised her on her 30th birthday}


{another life-long friend, Hutch. taken just a few weeks ago as we toasted  – over tequila of course – to almost 20 years of friendship}

{and of course V-love, my adventure-seeker extraordinaire and fellow bride as we trekked through Chiang Mai, Thailand on one of our many globe trotting expeditions}

I can’t wait to celebrate with each of you by my side.

{MF Dre}


Goodbye 101.


Driving in to work yesterday I posted this picture of my daily commute for the last 8.5 years….

I’m not going to lie, it’s gonna be weird.

Aggravating as it is to sit in bumper to bumper traffic driving 6-10 miles an hour most days, the 101 (highway 101 for those of you who don’t speak Californian) has become a bit of a friend.  It’s been my wake up time, my way of slooooowly easing into the day, my cup of coffee before the cup of coffee time and dare I admit, a total zone out {while totally focused on the road} time.  In the evenings it’s been my decompression/social hour and/or my 80s on 8 hour because where else can you sing “Happy to be Stuck with You” by Huey Luis and the News or Prince’s  “Purple Rain” at the top of your lungs without being totally busted.  99% of the phone calls I make are on the 101.  Friends, Mom,  when we talk, you can now put a face to the name, meet {and say goodbye} to the 101.

Driving home, I posted this picture.  Thumbs up – time for a new adventure – a new chapter.  As I said to my colleagues and friends at Disney, to call the last 8.5 years a journey is most certainly an understatement.

New adventures await. Thanks Disney!  See you all soon.

As I move on, one of the lessons I am taking with me is that while it is nice to be important, it’s more important to be nice.

Thank you to the most genuine and true group of individuals I’ve ever worked with.  Yes, you’re all smart, savvy and IMHO very important too, but all of this pales in comparison to the wonderful people you are.

I know we will all {including the 101} still be friends.

{MF Dre}

And before I forget, the winner of my Move, Nourish, Believe giveaway is Melissa from The Melissa Chronicles.  Melissa, shoot me your address at themfdre at gmail.com and I’ll get the book out to you!  You’re going to love it!

Bachelor-Bachelor Party: 24 Hours in Vegas.


What happened in Vegas will pretty much stay in Vegas.

and ps – you are crazy if you thought I’d break that rule

But sitting in the Vegas airport on Sunday afternoon, I could only wonder just how much debauchery had taken place among the crowds waiting to board the plane back to LA.  The smell of alcohol, smoky casinos and Saturday night’s party was un.god.ly — and to make matters worse — mustily masked by cheap perfumed airport air fresheners. So über gross.

But to get to spend 24 hours in Vegas with two of my favorite men…wouldn’t swap that for anything.

Hands down, it was the.best.24.hours.I’ve.ever.had.in.Vegas.

It was pretty much the Bachelor-Bachelor version of The Hangover.  So Amazing.  Problem is, after all of the below shots were taken, my camera died…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Lucky.for.everyone.

23 Men.  2 Bridesmaids.

We lazed all of Saturday afternoon in a cabana at Tao Beach Club.

{Luckily we had a cabana that was sort of hidden behind the pool because we’re officially too old for this}.


Post-pool shopping adventures followed by Fruit Loop Martinis and Doritos Macaroni and Cheese at First Food and Bar


their slogan is perfect – Hard to Find. Easy to Love.

Who takes a cab when you can stuff 25 people into a Hummer limo to go less than a mile down the road? Vegas is hot enough as it is…I really don’t recommend doing this if your goal is to get somewhere without sweating your ass off.  But really, who makes smart decisions anyway in Vegas?


We had an awesome dinner at Tao followed by a private party back at our suites.



I’ve kept it brief, verrrrry intentionally.  It was chaos.  The best kind of chaos.

Less than 2 months until mayhem part II the wedding.


{MF Dre}

Milestone Monday.


It’s been a few weeks since I connected on the Milestones…

  • 1228 Miles/2012 Miles in 2012 – roughly 800 to go and about 23 weeks to get there.  With my revised training plan, I’ve been running a bit less that I had been a few months ago and working on running a bit harder.  I’m making some progress in pace, but I’ve been needing my recovery a bit more than in the past so I’ve been less likely to squeeze in a few extra miles here and there.  Presuming I stay healthy and limber, this goal is still in reach, but I’m taking it one run at a time.
  • I’ve also re-adjusted my race schedule a little and leaving some room for flexibility.  Since I am moving on from Disney, I am no longer going to be doing the Nautica Malibu Triathlon with the Disney Tri-Team.  I was signed up to run the running leg of the relay but an alternate has taken my slot.  Back when I posted all of these items for sale,my intention was to donate the sales to my fundraising commitment for Pediatric Children’s Cancer Research at Children’s Hospital LA.  Instead of putting it towards my own race fundraising goals, I’ve re-invested it in other Disney Tri-Team Members fundraising.  Still Doing More Good and making an impact.   PS – a few things are still for sale here and I’ll be adding more this week.
  • With the start of a new job one week away, Staying Inspired – not sure that is going to be a problem…new team, new brands, new commute, new office, pretty much new everything.  Good thing I love change.
  • Another Milestone – but not mine.  V-Love wrote an inspiring post today about the journey of a race vs. the competition of racing.   Check it out!

Have you assessed where you are with your goals?

{MF Dre}

PS. Today is the last day to enter this giveaway!  

PPS. Anyone run The Naked Foot 5k in Denver this weekend?  You can still sign up for the below races and get $5 off your registration from ME using the code: RUNNAKED12

  • Minneapolis, MN – July 26
  • Grand Rapids, MI – July 29
  • Nashville, TN – September 15
  • Seattle, WA – September 29
  • Austin, TX – October 6
  • Santa Barbara, CA – October 27