Who inspires your fitness?

for me … this guy 

we’ll just call him theMFDad

{striking resemblance?? was it the pale pasty skin or the amazing race photo skills that gave it away}

Aaaaanyway, after RP and I tore up the hills on Saturday, we headed over to cheer on the Shockwave Indo-Row Competition at Equinox where her Hubs and my Dad were competing.

from the Equinox site: Shockwave is Extreme cross training at its best! This total body circuit challenge combines the Indo-Row machines for high-intensity calorie burn with dynamic, functional exercises using ViPR, Body Bars, BOSUs and Kettlebells to sculpt and transform the body! Max effort, and EXTREME results!

 Equinox had set out about 2 dozen Indo-Row machines on the pool deck, had a DJ spinning the energy was on high alert!  In true race-cheer form, I brought signs.  RP brought ice-cold towels, water..we were the best race fans out there.

There were three events – 2000 meters, 2 minute challenge and 2000m relay.  Turns out theMFDad brought his triple threat game face shoes

and got ready to throw the hammer down

The Man PR’d in the 2000 meter event – it doesn’t matter that he’s never raced that distance before – a PR is a PR!

He killed it on the 2 minute sprint and then brought his relay team in with a powerful 500 meter sprint to the finish. Total MF Domination.  He’s modest and he’ll say that he’s just lucky he didn’t pass out…he’s lying.

NEWS FLASH:  theMFDad is a pretty stellar athlete.

{and has a pretty stellar game face}

As someone who lives and breathes a healthy, active, FitFluential, lifestyle each and every day it’s probably pretty clear to you by now that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.   I have always said that being active every day is like brushing my teeth – it is just a necessary part of my everyday routine that has benefits far beyond the physical ones. I don’t have many friends who work out with their Dad or can go cheer them on in their races so it’s kind of a big deal to me that we share this common lifestyle.  It also reminds me that healthy living and fitness is something that should be sought, attained and achieved at every stage of life.

 Thanks for the fit-spiration.

{MF Dre}


4 thoughts on “theMFDad

  1. hmgiraffy

    My running coach was there, with her husband.. That’s him in the group shot, blue shirt. Small world, yo.

    Your dad rocks. Nice on those hills!

  2. I am touched that I was included (“subject matter”) in your blog but even more so that you surprised me by being there on Saturday. BTW…where can I get a “the MFDad” t-shirt?


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